Selasa, 29 Jun 2010

Naruto Manga Chapter 499 A New Seal is already out.

 A mother's words give Naruto new strength, the battle of nine tails vs Naruto reaches its climax. Killer bee and captain Yamato in their own confuse about what happened with Naruto. With his mother's chakra help to hold the nine tails, Naruto's rasengan barrage attack by using shadow clone technique goes down to the nine tails. Finally Sageart-nonstop Gargantuan Rasengan Barrage hit the nine tails directly. And one last attack from Naruto finally succesfull to pull out the nine tails chakra and absorb it into his body. Suddenly, it makes the nine tails angry and try to counter attack, but Naruto sealed the nine tails again with the sage of the six paths. Victory but also the sadness, his mother have to leave him again. But before that, a mothers' final words to her son, reveal the truth that Kushina was the previous nine-tails jinchuuriki.

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